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Wonder if plucky cub reporter from The Daily Planet Talia Lavin has this in her repetoir repitoire repat... list of sammichs (theswordandthesandwich[dot]substack[dot]com. Will read later, prep for doc appt now, but a Scottish "sausage roll" comes to mind as well. is like a "square sausage" (look-up recipe) piece on a roll (biscuit, in US) with maybe a tattie scone (potato pancake). Yes, I appreciate and tend to find comparisons everywhere.

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Well, I know what I'm making this weekend! Might crank up The Stones instead of Van Morrison, however.

I haven't made meatloaf since Vegetarian Child moved home pre-COVID, but she's moved out and Carnivore Child has moved back home so your reminder of the sublime excellence of meatloaf sandwiches is most timely <3

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Great, now I'm hungry. Meatloaf remains one of the gods' and our grandmothers' (which may be repeating myself) greatest inventions; especially in terms of how awesome it is from such humble ingredients. I'm gonna have to find some this weekend.

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